Jordan & Jef

   Jordan met Jef Spradley at an open mic one night in 2013 and hired him to come play Djembe at a gig in Muscatine, IA. From the first show, Jef sang harmonies effortlessly and soon he became part of the act.


   Soon Mr. Spradley moved from Djembe to a small trap kit. & Through a chain of events he ended up using Jordan's sticker laden guitar case for a kick drum. A couple times a set J&J would switch things up. Jordan on drums and Jef on guitar which soon led to doing some shows with two guitars and abandoning the drums. occasionally

   Jef will pick up a trombone or a melodica and play a solo with one hand and the drums with every other limb. It's quite entertaining to say the least. Not to mention he is a master stick flipper! You can also see Jef Spradley solo occasionally or with his other duo, The Dirty Water Boys.

   With witty banter and over 500 songs ranging from the 50s until present day covers, every show is different. Not to mention both artists are accomplished songwriters. The two have spread their reach throughout the Mid West and keep getting better with every performance. Please come see a show near you or book Jordan & Jef for an event at 563-570-5317. (Click on the Calendar tab and shows as the duo will be specified).


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